RE: GI biopsy blues

From:Donna Carlton

I think everyone has their own unique skill and ability.  It is really nice
to have a choice as long as the result under the microscope is the same.  I
know I appreciate it when people give me choices on how I do my work

Just a friendly comment nothing more.

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> Donna,
> Is your lab manager a histotech (in other words, is she talking from
> experience)?  I have some techs here that insist on soaking everything,
> too, and it drives me crazy.  When I sit down and cut, I do not need to
> soak everything.  Of course there are some blocks that do need to be
> soaked and I will soak those.  I blow on my blocks as I cut and this
> seems to help.
> I don't know if you have another processor that you could put the
> biopsies on, but a shorter run would definitely help with the dryness of
> the blocks.
> Laurie Colbert
> Huntington Hospital
> Pasadena, CA
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