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From:"Charles W. Scouten, Ph.D."

Microsoft FAX has been built into Windows operating systems for some time.  What operating system and version are you using?  What software you can use will be partly based on this.  

There is plenty of FAX software that will send and receive FAXes that can be seen onscreen, without printing anything.  


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I once used a freeware DOS faxing program. It accepted
plain text files and sent them to the receiver's fax
machine, which printed the document. I don't think you
can have faxing without printing.
                                  John Kiernan             
                                  London, Canada
Agustín Venzano wrote:
> Dear Histonetters: Can anyone of you recommend me some freeware for faxing
> from one's PC without needing any special devices such as remote printers
> and so on?

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