RE: Cryostat sectioning and RNase

From:Cynthia Favara


I wipe cutting surfaces down with RNAse ZAP, be sure nothing freezes. Change
blade between specimens and rewipe surfaces. Wear gloves and be sure you
have no exposed skin, we all have RNAse and you exposed skin is probably the
biggest source. Slides should be baked if not RNAse free. I do not wear a
face mask because I do not have my breath on the specimen or even close. All
I can think of now. 

Good Luck 


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Subject: Cryostat sectioning and RNase


I am new to this area of work and am starting an ISH experiment on monkey 
brain tissue.  I am hoping someone can provide a few suggestions on how to 
avoid RNA degradation during cryostat sectioning.  What precautions should 
I be taking with regard to the blade and brushes, or the guide plate?  Do 
you recommend wearing a face mask?  Any suggestions would be greatly 


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