New graduate looking for work

From:amy senn

Hello everyone...
Just wanted to say first off that I really enjoy
getting this newsletter.  There are a lot of questions
& answers that I do not understand, but I'm taking in
everything & I'm sure that I'll learn a lot.  
Being a new graduate, I'm looking for employment.  I'm
currently doing my externship at our corner's office
here in Allegheny County PA.  I'm willing to relocate,
but I'm still exploring all avenues because I don't
know where the 'ideal' location would be for me.  I
haven't taken my boards as yet, but I have sent in my
paperwork & fee so I'm waiting to hear from them as to
how to proceed. 
I've looked on a few 'histo' sites on the web and have
applied for several positions.  
I have gotten responses & talked with a few
prospective employers. (wow!) :)
I'm just wondering if anyone could give me any words
of wisdom, or direct me in any way so that I can
totally explore all my opportunities before making a
decision.  Also, can anyone give me some sites that I
can look for more jobs?  Or even let me know if there
are any openings where they may be interested in a
quick-learning student?
I so appreciate all your help & thank you for allowing
me to be a part of this newsletter.  I think this is a
great idea...we all need to share our knowledge so we
can be our best!
I hope you all have a wonderful day....


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