Innoculation of Helicobacter..phase 1

From:Melissa Jensen

    For those of us wanting to make our own hp controls read on......I talked with our Micro Dept..They purchased hp qc bugs.I talked with our Pathologists prior.When the hp came.One pathologist had a fresh autopsy,He gave me a sample of lung.Micro made a broth with the hp.Tissue was incubated.I asked for a 24 hr sample..and than a 48 hr sample...So far I have the 24 hr sample..Autolysis minimal..4 Pathologist have looked at the slide..All say Beautiful! However..Two Pathologist were concerned about the poly floration..I suggested we wait and look at the 48 hr spec.Let the baby bugs grow up a little more..LOL...We are going to plate out the broth to make sure it only demonstrates hp....But it looks like a go! May need to use a more sterile tissue..but The hp is there! Stay tuned!

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