Hard Tissue Issues

From:Vicki Kalscheur

I do not read the histonet on a regular basis.  When a hard tissue concern
is addressed, I have had some of the requests forwarded to me and I respond
directly or fax procedures.  I have a request for those of you that read the
histonet on a regular basis.  If time allows in your busy schedules, please
respond.   This is an excellent  forum for information.  Thanks!  Also, just
a reminder to check in the archives of the histonet at:
www.histosearch.com/histonet.html.  It may be a good starting point for some
of the problems that you are experiencing.

Vicki Kalscheur, HT (ASCP) MLT
Comparative Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2015 Linden Drive West
Madison, WI 53706-1102

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