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G'Day Listers,

In my WEB travels, I have come across some sites with both unusual and
useful material.  In the site set out below, I found a plethora of material
that in part or whole should be of interest to many on out lists.  The
Department of Energy (DOE) has a training program for folks who are going to
work in the general area of nuclear energy.  In order to train these
personnel so that they have required knowledge of the systems with which
they will be working, DOE has instituted a Standards program for them.  At
the site below, listers may find BOOKS in PDF form on Chemistry, Physics,
Math, Electronics, Instrumentation, Symbology(reading schematics) and more.
I thought that you all might be interested in bookmarking the site.  I have
done so for my son who is doing his math and physics from the high school
texts.  The DOE manuals represent a learning regime for new learners and
those who need review.




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