Connie-Try (man)handling breast tissue

From:Jeff Silverman

That's right MANHANDLING breast tissue. This trick has been tried and true
in my hands for many years with no adverse effects. First, sections MUST be
cut 3-4mm in thickness. If the tissue is fatty, I gently, or sometimes not
so gently,  press the sections between two paper towels to squish the fat
and soak it up in the paper towels. The only time you must be careful with
this method is with intraductal papillomas or intraductal papillary
carcinomas or some other friable tumor, but it works quite well for those
troublesome microcalcification cases. Also works on those fatty replaced
nodes. You can also squeeze a block that is well fixed and processed but
still greasy and smelling of xylene at the embedding center. Squeeze between
towels and return to paraffin bath for another hour or so.
Hope this helps.
Jeff Silverman HT HTL QIHC (ASCP)
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore, NY USA

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