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Hi all,

My laboratory has used a fixative called BRAZIL'S FLUID for fixing tissues
where small amounts of glycogen are being sought. It is supposedly a good
fixative for glycogen. Unfortunately I have no reference for this fixative
nor its uses. The formula is as follows:

Absolute alcohol 	1650ml
Formalin 	600ml
Trichloracetic acid 	7.5g
Picric acid 	10g
Dissolve picric acid, then Trichloracetic acid in the alcohol, then add the

Fixation time:- 
Normal block size 3-4 mm thick 	24 hours
Needle biopsy 	3-4 hours

The only one I know of is Dubosq-Brasil fluid which is similar (an alcoholic
Bouins fluid):

Ethylalcohol 80%    150ml
picric acid         1g
immediatly before use add:
Formol 35%           60ml
acetic acid, pure    15ml.

From: Bock, P.: "Romeis Mikroskopische Technik", 17th. ed., p. 98.

Would anyone have a reference for BRAZIL'S FLUID that they could share with

Thanks muchly,

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