B5 tissues washing

From:Shirley Powell

Back when I was actually doing immunohistochemistry in my IHC reference
lab, now closed, I experienced trouble with B5 fixed tissues washing off
positively charged/coated slides.  I found that it was not all B5 fixed
tissues, but mostly the bone marrow clots and biopsies, the bloody ones,
and some lymph nodes.  To solve the problem, I used Stay-On in the water
bath and used plain regular, non-coated, slides for these tissues.
After an extended draining and drying time (overnight if possible), I
performed the IHC without washing.  I am not an expert, chemist, or IHC
guru, and cannot explain the phenomenon, but it may help others who have
the same problem.  Other additives may work as well in the water bath,
but I only tried the Stay On successfully.  If you have questions, call
me at 478-301-2374 or email.

Shirley Powell

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