Smooth Muscle, Collagen and Elastin Staining at once

From:Rafael Badalyan

Dear Colleagues


    I am Rafael Badalyan, MD urologist in postgrad. research from Armenia. In my current work I can across with penile erectile tissue evaluation. 


    Could you please help me with an advice? I have collected cavernous penile tissues, fixed them with formaline 10% and imbedded in paraffin.  Now I do not know how, with which method to stain them? What I am going to evaluate is the correlation of smooth muscle, collagen and elastic fibers. Which staining method could you advice me for that? What I have found from different sources is the modified elastic trichrome stain. But this method seems not so easy for our laboratories, and the main problem is the Biebrich Scarlet, which is impossible to find in Armenia. If you find this method a useful for current situation, could you please say which stain I can use instead of Scarlet? Can it be changed to acid fucsin? Or if you can sudjest any other more useful and appropriate technique, I would be very much thankful to know.

 2) And as I have a chance to consult with you all, I also would like to ask you the second question: whether it is possible to perform Western Blot analysis for , TGF-B1, Bcl-2, p53, HIF, with evaluating cavernous smooth muscles, which are taken from cadavers, or it should be only biopsies from patients????

    Thanks a lot for finding time to review this mail. I hope and wish to receive your advice.


    With best regards



    Rafael Badalyan, MD

    NIH, 375051 Yerevan, Armenia

        Komitas av. 49/4

    Tel: 3741 534163



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