Re: whole organ fixation with color retention



My suggestion is to slice the organs, fix in buffered
formalin or Wentworth's fixative (see most
histotechnology textbooks for the formula) for 4 weeks
or more. Mount specimen in a perspex museum box. Rinse
specimen in 95% ethanol and leave in ethanol untill
colour comes back (brown bloody areas appear red),
replace ethanol with light paraffin oil, seal the box,
label and all done.


 --- Louri Caldwell  wrote: > Hi
> We have a researcher interested in retaining whole
> organs for teaching 
> purposes, but would like the original color of the
> organ to remain intact.  
> I know a similar topic was addressed not too long
> ago, and I have read the 
> archives, but wanted to see if anyone had
> suggestions other than 
> plastination.   Ideally, he would like a fixative -
> and the only one I've 
> found a reference for contains chloral hydrate -
> which he can't purchase as 
> a DEA number is required to do so.
> Any suggestions you may have would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Louri
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