Re: tissues needed for QC and IHC banks


If you cannot send tissue blocks, we will happily accept slides of cut
sections, just make sure they are on plus + slides.  Thank you.

rueggp wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> This is a request for tissues to restore the NSH QC and IHC control
> banks.  We have gotten 50 requests for tissues since Jan. 2002 and our
> supplies are dwindling.  I will list here tissues needed for the IHC
> bank and for the QC bank.  You can send tissue blocks for both to:
> Ethel Macrea  1910 Innovation Park Dr,
>                                                Tucson,AZ 85737   USA
> 520-229-3856
> Tissues needed for the IHC bank...
> Hodgkin, melanoma, CEA neg carcinoma, hpv+ cervix, skin, cervix, and we
> are desparate for LYMPHOMAS
> Ethel wrote for the QC bank...
> We need to restore the banks more than ever.  If you know anyone who has
> a cache of controls for either special stains or IHC, can they submit
> them to me?  I can cut them down, re-embed them, etc, but finding them
> is getting to be a huge job.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Right now I have folks begging for iron, fungus, gram, calcium and
> cervix the most.  I cannot get my hands on any of these thus far.   I
> have screened over 20 livers and found two small pieces that are
> positive for iron which I am sending out this week.  Now, I have none
> left.  Please pass  the word around, we are needing tissues.
> Please help us keep these tissue banks going.  Take a few minutes out of
> your busy days to gather some needed blocks and ship them off to Ethel
> ASAP.  Be sure the blocks are labelled with the tissue and control
> element type, not the patient name or number.  The entire histology
> community will be grateful for your contributions.
> Thank you for considering this request.
> Patsy Ruegg, Chair IHCRG
> Ethel Macrea, Chair of NSH QC and IHC Control Tissue Banks

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