Re: recycler

Dear Maryanne
I have been using the CBG tabletop one gallon recycler now for almost 2 yrs.
Its great. No odor, very easy to use, and quiet .The recycled ALC and Xylene 
on the return is of good quality. I am very happy with my sales rep Kari she 
is always there to help me if I have any problems or questions. I have used 
other types of recyclers the larger units in a hospital setting where the 
odors were bad and the recycled solvent was very hot to handle. Like any 
other equipment you receive there are little corks to work out and my 
salesrep has always been there for me. I don't have her number here at home 
but if you want it email me. 
I haven't seen the tape , but my unit is really simple to use.
SAndi Miller HT

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