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Perhaps I am missing something here, but it could be air not removed by vacuum processing.

If you dont have vacuum on your processor you could use about 500millibars of vacuum before processing.  Place the tisse into about 30% alcohol and vacuum for 10 mins, pumping down and releasing the vacuum gently.  There are some simple devices which connect to a water supply and these use the force of the water rushing out of the tap to create a vacuum in a side pipe which can be conneceted to a bell jar with the tissue in.  An in-line vacuum gauge is used to measure the pressure.

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Steve Machin UK wrote:

Hello Histonetters,

I recently read in a book that when you have holes in your tissue(lung) its
because its overprocessed/overdehydrated. What can I do about the tissue to
get rid of the holes? Soak the blocks on piece of gauze with ice? Do I face
the block to get to the tissue before soaking it? I need help depesperately!!

Any help is appreciated.

Dina D. Gaupp, BS MT
Tulane University Medical Center
Center for Gene Therapy
1430 Tulane Ave.
New Orleans, La 70112

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