Re: control tissue for TUNEL/mouse/fixed tissue

Is your study developmental? if you have a chance to use whole mouse
embryos around stage 8,5 dpc there is great apoptosis going on in the
digits where the "webbing" cells are dying and toes are forming. also you
should see some in bone marrow. I am using the Roche 1-684-795 FL apoptosis
detection and it looks like it is working really well in adult mouse bone
marrow. I have not committed as of yet because I have a few more "test" to
try....being in research we always check and then double check and then
check one more time just to make sure before before things get peer
reviewed.....stay tuned for an update because I know there are a lot of us
out there that need a kit that works to determine apoptosis in formalin
fixed mouse tissue

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