Re: Trouble Shooting

From:Lorraine Rolston

Hi there,
One of the labs. where I work part-time has a good system ,containers are colour
coded with a large area of bright paint e.g. alc./red;xylol/blue. Seems to work

"DeLovino, Salvacion S." wrote:

>         Hello Histonetters,
>         We had a problem with our tissue processing last week and until now,
> they are still arguing about what should and shouldn't have been done. What
> happened was, our MLA used methyl alcohol instead of xylene when she changed
> the solutions. So it was methyl alcohol instead of xylene right before
> paraffin. It was her fault for not reading the label but couldn't really
> blame her as the containers look alike. Anyways, we didn't know at first
> that that was what happened but we noticed the tissues were hard and brittle
> on the edges but soft in the middle. Was there something we could have done
> to save the tissues? Please help us settle the arguments!
>         Thanks a lot in advance.
>         Salvacion S. Delovino

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