Re: Staffing

From:Linda Smith

Hospital size??  
120 bed
How many cases per year ? 
How many blocks per day? 
30 - 60
How many people ? 
 2.5 (one supervisor, one full time, one part time)
How many people to embed?  
How many people to cut?
How much each tech. cuts? 
one tech cuts all blocks
How many specials ?    
3 to 4 per day
How many Immunos? 
8 - 10 month
Does one person do specials, Immunos and cut?? 
Do you use tiny bx molds (8x10)? 
Do you recycle alcohol or xylene? 
Do the techs change processors and how many processors? 
yes  1 prcessor
We also handle all non gyn cytology cases.
260 cases with three to four specials on each case
And we all happy and love our job!

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