Re: Hale's method for colloidal iron

Diana Goodwin,  HT in Trenton, New Jersey asks:

>>Does anyone have a copy of Hale's method for colloidal iron? My pathologist 
has asked for it specifically, probably because it is cited in the literature 
for differentiation of chromophobe RCC.<<

(Bryan Llewellyn has already posted a method as I send this.)

The fairly recently described chromophobe variant of renal cell carcinoma 
(I've seen them in study slide sets, but never one on the hoof) indeed is 
supposed to mark very strongly with colloidal iron. Nothing I've read 
mentioned any specific technique. Apparently colloidal iron is really useful 
for distinguishing this uncommon variant of a common cancer. It's called 
chromophobe because it looks like the chromophobe adenoma of the anterior 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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