From:Vicki Gauch

 When we renovated our grossing room we ordered a Shandon Grosslab Senior and we love it !!!!  The workstation is height adjustable, offers motion sensitive controls for the water, waste disposal unit and rinse function for cleaning the flat grossing surface.  the unit is well lit and has plenty of room for instruments, ink, paper towels and whatever else you keep on your station. We also have our dictation system unit in the unit....  I would say the only inconvenient part of the unit is that there is no place to keep blocking sheets (yes, we still use sheets we manually write in the number of pieces/block submitted) so we got those big paper clips and clip the sheets to the side wall plexiglass  which works okay.  Otherwise, the residents and techs really like the unit.

Albany, NY

>>> Kathy Gorham  04/15/02 11:55PM >>>
Good Morning Histonet:
We are in the process of looking at a grossing station.  Does anyone out
there have one??  Do you like it???   What kind is it??  Any suggestions to
look for? Is there anyone is Oregon, Washington, or Idaho using one that I
might beable to look at?  Thanks for your help.

Kathy Gorham, HT
Grande Ronde Hospital
LaGrande, Or

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