From:"Ms. Evelyn Kaplan"

Hi Kathy,

There are plenty of companies out there who will come along to your lab and
look at what you have got and make suggestions. (Pretty much like having a
new fitted kitchen!) What you have to do is realistically look at the space
you have and make sure the "ready mades" utilise your space efficiently.
Having said that, we got a Thermo-Shandon Junior Grosslab last year for one
of our teaching labs and I have found it  excellent. I didn't have a space
problem and as such, that was a minor consideration. The fumes are extracted
well and all the facilities are pleasant to work with. The only thing I
don't like is the water hose (great idea) is a bit clumsy. It is well placed
in the centre so it can be used by either right or left-handed staff but I
find it cumbersome; maybe if the pipe was a bit more flexible it would help.
Good luck.

Evelyn Kaplan
Sultan Qaboos University
Muscat, Oman

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