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From:Amos Brooks

Thank you John,
    I absolutely hate that vile "P-word" (proprietary).
    What if there is an exposure incident and a the question is asked
"Exactly what is in your eyes?"? Gosh I don't know would be the only answer
one could give to that.
    I really wish companies would stop compromising customer safety for the
sake of intellectual property.
Amos Brooks

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> >     ... have requested that I post this information here on the
> > HistoNet, (so please do not kill the messenger).  We (BBC Biochemical)
> > manufacture B*Plus Fix(tm).  It is a B5 substitute/replacement, which
> > does not contain any mercuric chloride (or any other heavy metals).
> Telling us that it does not contain mercury isn't very
> informative!
> It would be useful if you could say what substances it _does_
> contain,
> and in what concentrations. Armed with this information a user
> can
> decide whether it may be worthwhile to try "B*plus fix (tm)" for
> a
> particular purpose. Without knowledge of the composition it would
> be
> irresponsible to use it, especially in connection with an
> important
> application such as research or clinical diagnosis.
> So, how about spilling the beans? You'll sell more of the stuff
> if
> the customers know exactly what it is!
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