Re: Autofluorescence


red blood cells are notorious for auto fluorescence, you will have this
problem especially with FS liver.  you might have to switch to a different
label.  what antibodies are you trying to mark for?  you might be better off
fixing and processing into paraffin if your antibody will work on PE tissue.
if you do go to a avidin/biotin labeling system remember that liver has a lot
of indogenous biotin so this will have to be blocked or you could use a
different label like alk. phos./glucose oxidase, etc.

"Miller, Barbara" wrote:

> I am having trouble with autofluorescence in frozen liver sections.  Does
> anyone have a way to minimize or remove this type of fluorescence?  Any
> advice in re this would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Bobbi Miller
> Dept. of Gastroenterology
> Roudebush VA Medical Center
> Indianapolis, IN
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