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From:"DeLovino, Salvacion S."

Even if they would have the same melting points, it would be a good idea to
finish all (to the last drop) one kind first before changing to a new one.
We've changed paraffin quite a bit and everytime we do that we get lousy
tissues the first few days. So if possible when you do change, change it
completely so they don't mix in your embedding center or processor.

Salvacion S. Delovino

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> Subject: 	paraffin wax
> I am sorry for those such basic question but I am really a neophyte in
> histology. If the melting point is the same is there any other significant
> difference between the different commercially available parrafin wax
> embeding media? (ie Tissue Tek VIP, Paramat, Paraplast and Polyfin).
> thank you
> Isabelle Cote
> Nunavik Research Centre

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