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Just cite the solubility, 1g in 1 ml water, from the Merck Index, p. 699 of
the 11th edition (Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ, 1989).  It should be obvious from
that that glucose washes out in aqueous media. Fixing in ethanol doesn't
help: 1 ml ethanol dissolves 17 mg glucose, much more than one would find in
any human tissue.

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Hi all,

I know that glucose is highly soluble and is typically washed out of tissue
sections, unless it is being stored in the form of glycogen which is well
preserved.  However, I can't seem to find a reference that states this.
Specifically: that glucose is highly soluble for the purposes of histology
and therefore difficult to visualize via staining.  I've checked the 5
different histology reference books I have here in the lab.  If anybody can
help I'd greatly appreciate it...  Thanks!

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