RE: disinfecting instruments

From:"Jasper, Thomas"

Sounds like overkill to me(no pun intended)the autopsy room instruments
should stay in the autopsy area. Sanitizing instruments is more than
sufficient for autopsy purposes. In the case of CJD(if you even autopsy
suspected cases)the instruments should be destroyed not sterilized. I
believe you would create extra work, added cost and time unnecessarily by
sterilizing these instruments. The detergent and disinfectant you list are
far and away most suitable as a detergent like Tide and household bleach
actually would suffice. I'd be curious to know where your new safety officer
got this sterilization idea to begin with. I have 17+ years of combined
autopsy and necropsy experience in environments regulated by OSHA, the FDA,
JCAHO and CAP all following GLP's and have performed all duties safely,
cleanly and in regulatory compliance.
T. Jasper

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> I have a question regarding disinfecting of instruments ( i.e., scalpel
> handles, scissors, forceps etc.) after completion of an autopsy and at the
> end of the day in the grossing room.
> Currently we clean all instruments with an enzyme detergent ( LPHse) and
> them soak for 10 min. with a disinfectant (Virex).
> Our new safety officer feels we should send all instruments to CS for
> sterilization.  What is your practice and what are your thoughts?
> Any info is appreciated.

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