RE: Trouble Shooting (Salvacion S. Delovino)

Thank you for the response(s). Actually what we did was put the
extremely bad tissues thru the clean cycle of the processor (i.e. xylene
then absolute alcohol) then back in xylene as the tissues were actually
fixed already, then to paraffin. We didn't want to go all the way back
as the tissues were already brittle and so we didn't want to expose them
to more alcohols. I guess they were pretty much salvaged but we still
hear people saying we shouldn't have done that.

Our MLA is new and that was the first time the methyl alcohols and the
xylenes were put in the same cabinet. She assumed the containers were
still all xylenes in there so she didn't think to read the labels first.
I'm sure she learned her lesson and hopefully it will never happen

Thanks again!

Salvacion S. Delovino 

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