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Depends on the sliding microtome.  The Vibratome(tm) 8000 Sliding
Microtome can cut sections 250mm x 170 mm if configured for maximum

Sliding microtomes were invented first.  The sliding microtome is now
the second best choice for almost any tissue sectioning operation, and
able to do them all.  It can also cut larger sections than other
standard microtomes.

For a well equipped lab with a big budget, buy a cryostat, a rotary
microtome, and a Vibratome(tm).  If the budget is not that big, buy a
sliding microtome.

Since they last forever, many more are still being used than are being
sold.  Annual sales are less than the other categories of microtomes.


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A friend and I were talking today and came up with questions about
microtomes and tissue size that we are not familiar with. Could you
in the field help us?

1.	What is the largest tissue one can cut with a sliding microtome?

2.	Are there 2" x 4" glass slides that can be used for large pieces

3.	How many sliding microtomes are still being used?

Thanks for your help! J

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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