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From:Bernard Ian R SSgt

I can recommend one I use in my laboratory.  It's portable and a benchtop
model.  You can use it for say, coverslipping, light grossing etc.  I use it
over my Hazardous waste 55 gallon drum to keep Formalin fumes away as I pour
in the waste.

It's by Labconco and its called the "Fume absorber".  It uses a filter with
no other attachments.  The catalog number is 69000-00.
The filters last about 3 years and is good for most types of fumes such as
The telephone number is 1-800-821-5521

By the way,  my fellow hard tissue / plastic colleagues, I work in a
research facility in the  histo/pathobiology dept. our work consists of not
only routine histology but plastc processing using tungsten carbide
blade/microtome(MICROM) and ground histology(EXAKT).  I am looking for an
authority(person or text) with info on plastics, regarding plastic
processing, embedding, and the microtomy aspect.  Different procedures and
techniques will be beneficial as we are always modifying research protocols
based on specimen type and size.  We deal with both animal and human tissue.
Any one mind sharing info?

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Hi all!

Does anyone have a compact benchtop fume handling hood, one of those clear 
plastic boxes with a small blower and formaldehyde/aldehyde filter system, 
that they absolutely love?  Of course, space is an issue, and 
cost.  Nothing fancy is needed.  It would be used for trimming fixed murine 
tissues/ murine necropsies.  Thanks for any suggestions!


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