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From:"Johnston, Kathy"

You know, rather than trashing the "messenger", all you have to do is ask
nicely, and most people are more than happy to help and supply any
information that you would like!

As a matter of fact, I have found that the service and information BBC has
supplied me with has been more than satisfactory.  Ask and ye shall receive.

Histonet seems to have become a forum for complaining and bickering lately
rather than a place to exchange ideas and gain further knowledge.  It is
very sad to see this kind of behavior.


p.s.  B Plus contains:  Water, Formaldehyde 37%, Zinc Chloride, and Selected

All I did was ask.

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Thank you John,
    I absolutely hate that vile "P-word" (proprietary).
    What if there is an exposure incident and a the question is asked
"Exactly what is in your eyes?"? Gosh I don't know would be the only answer
one could give to that.
    I really wish companies would stop compromising customer safety for the
sake of intellectual property.
Amos Brooks

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From: "J. A. Kiernan" 
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> >     ... have requested that I post this information here on the
> > HistoNet, (so please do not kill the messenger).  We (BBC Biochemical)
> > manufacture B*Plus Fix(tm).  It is a B5 substitute/replacement, which
> > does not contain any mercuric chloride (or any other heavy metals).
> Telling us that it does not contain mercury isn't very
> informative!
> It would be useful if you could say what substances it _does_
> contain,
> and in what concentrations. Armed with this information a user
> can
> decide whether it may be worthwhile to try "B*plus fix (tm)" for
> a
> particular purpose. Without knowledge of the composition it would
> be
> irresponsible to use it, especially in connection with an
> important
> application such as research or clinical diagnosis.
> So, how about spilling the beans? You'll sell more of the stuff
> if
> the customers know exactly what it is!
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> John A. Kiernan
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> The University of Western Ontario
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