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From:Abizar Lakdawalla

RE: Antibody Characterization

If the protein is not expected to be exported out of the cell, I would try in situ hybridization as a parallel adjunct to the IHC. I do not know how feasible that would be but it would provide very definitive proof.


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> Hello.
> Anyone out there been tasked to characterize the specificity
> of a novel
> antibody using IHC as "proof"?
>   If so, what approaches did you use?  How did discern "real" from
> background?  Particularly since I am to characterize an antibody to a
> protein that is not (at all) understood; and has no
> "expected" pattern of
> expression.  I thought about all the standard background blocking
> techniques, but feel I need to get more "sophisticated" to convince
> reviewers.
> I welcome any helpful journal references.  I have a few, but am always
> looking for "better ways" to do things.
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