Looking for a Locator Slide

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Can't find a replacement anywhere, so I'm asking.

Does anyone know where one might acquire what was one called a
"Micro-Locator" slide.  The one that was just broken was obtained from
Scientific Products way back when.........I was the only one who would use
it.  Add one more person and see what happens.  "Oops!"  On the floor.
Fractured beyond any repair.

Sure would appreciate some help.  You know the slide you place on the stage
of the microscope on which you see that cell-of-cells to get a coordinate.
Then you place the locator slide on top of the specimen slide and locate the
coordinates on the confocal LM.  Remove the locator and you have your cell
back.  Well, some of the time anyway.

Thanks again all and have a nice weekend,

Fred Monson

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