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Hello Kathy, nice to meet you! Do you know I fully agree with you regarding
the respect that histotechnicians deserve. I'm a DVM specialised in Animal
Diagnostic Histopathology and Immunohistochemistry of livestock and poultry.
I had to sacrifice myself for a long time to get my own expertise and
knowledge. Actually I began working as a histotechnologist for several
years. That's why I learned that no way you can succeed in histopathology if
you have no idea of tissue processing and cutting. I share the microscope
with my histotechnicians to observe every new preparation and deliberate
with them whenever an artifact is detected. And I and my histotechnicians
have learned that when studying a microscopic slide you must be able to
differentiate 3 essential things from each other: Lesions, post-mortem
alterations (Of course we histopathologists share an exclusive
responsibility in these two aspects), and artifacts. So working united is
the only way for Histopathology teams to succeed!!
Do you know Kathy? We are at your disposition to deliberate on-line on any
microscopic doubts that may appear. Just send a microphotograph to the new
Histonet website and we'll study it for you.

Kind regards and lots of hope for you all

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
DVM specialised in Histopatjhology and Immunohistochemistry
Pathology Group. INTA Castelar, Argentina

Date: 4 Apr 2002 08:33:12 -0600
From: "Johnston, Kathy" 
Subject: RE: B-Plus Fix

You know, rather than trashing the "messenger", all you have to do is ask
nicely, and most people are more than happy to help and supply any
information that you would like!

As a matter of fact, I have found that the service and information BBC has
supplied me with has been more than satisfactory.  Ask and ye shall receive.

Histonet seems to have become a forum for complaining and bickering lately
rather than a place to exchange ideas and gain further knowledge.  It is
very sad to see this kind of behavior.


p.s.  B Plus contains:  Water, Formaldehyde 37%, Zinc Chloride, and Selected

All I did was ask.

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