BSE, CWD, Scrapie

From:Jan Shivers

I've been asked by some pathologists here to look into the feasibility of
setting up IHC surveillance/detection lab for bovine spongiform
encephalopathy, chronic wasting disease in elk, and scrapie.  Could someone
please point me in the right direction as to the rules and regulations of
testing for these critters?  Things such as: Biosafety level required?
Necessity for dedicated room/equipment?  Type of safety equipment/clothing
needed?  Etc.

And hopefully, a thorough protocol from autopsy tissue accession through the
histology lab to my IHC lab (listing all the decontamination steps, for
instance).... if anyone has one they would spare.

(I HAVE checked the histonet archives, but time is tight for me, and the
pathologists want this done 'yesterday', it seems.  A shortcut through you
folks would be much appreciated.)

Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.

Jan Shivers
Univ. of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

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