I have soaked the exposed block face in Nair (or similar depilatory 
products) for about 5-10 minutes, rinsed it off, and had better microtome 
cutting results.  Sometimes diluted ammonia water is helpful too for nail or 
     Section adhesion is improved when using charged or adhesive coated 
slides, which are readily available commercially.  Good luck with your nail 

Best regards,
Kim Atkin - HT (ASCP)

Date: 29 Apr 2001 14:16:30 -0500
Subject: toenails

This may be a subject that has been covered before, but supposedly there is a 
new way to check for toenail fungus other than culture...PAS stain....the 
problem is getting a section well cut that will adhere to the slide. I have 
heard about using NAIR hair remover to dekeratinize the nail..but am not sure 
about the procedure...thanks.

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