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You can fix frozen sections in NBF do the H&E.  You may lose frozens off
slides if they are not fixed in some way.  Have collected frozen sections,
immersed into NBF in a rack, and stained as much as a week later with H&E,
worked just fine, like a paraffin section.  Just rinse away fixative with
water then stain, etc-----

There was discussion on this last week, check archives for more info.

At 10:57 AM 4/24/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Histonetters,
>    Has anyone heard of performing H&E stain on tissue that has been
>fixed at -80 degrees Centrigrade for about 2 weeks?  How would you go about 
>staining for BEST RESULTS?  My guess is that you would just do frozens. Oh
>the way, the tissue is kidney from a baby rat. I need to cut through the
>tissue and perform H&E.  I do know that H&E's come out better once they are 
>fixed,processed, and embedded in paraffin. I would rather cut tissue that
>been fixed and paraffin embedded(the results come out so much better).
>Any help is greatly appreciated.
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