Re: bx turn around times (Flores, Teresa)

>A quick question for the clinical diagnostic people out there. I was
>wondering what an average turn around time would be for an EM specimen. that
>is from time of arrival to the time it is placed in the scope.

JHoff, By scope do you mean Light Microscope or TEM? Regardless, our STAT
transplant biopsies are handled as follows. From time of arrival of the
needle biopsy to reporting, time is between 3-4 hours. But routinely if a
renal biopsy arrives before 11am, it is processed 2 hrs, polymerized 2 hrs
at 90oC and HRLM sectioned and a preliminary verbal diagnosis is given to
clinician. Next am or even that afternoon TEM is performed. Teresa
Stat high Resolution Light Microscopy (HRLM) - Transmission Electron
Microscopy (TEM) Tec;niques for Transplant Renal Biopsies.T.R.Flores,
E.O.Hoffmann, M.Velasquez: The Journal of Histotechnology / Vol 21, No. 3
September 1998.

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