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 We have had similar problems in our lab. I have lateral epicondylitis in my left arm and several other techs have carpal tunnel and shoulder problems. We have all done the shots, magnetic therapy (which really was the only thing that worked for me and yes, I know that sounds strange but I am not going to question it-all I know is the pain is GONE) physical therapy,etc. route and then looked into ergonomics in the lab. When we renovated our lab we made the workstations L-shaped so that we could turn our whole bodies to lay the sections on the waterbath instead of the constant arm and shoulder only motion. We also invested in ergonomically correct chairs which force you to sit properly and are height adjustable.  Believe it or not, the chairs made all the difference . I put mine at a height higher than the microtome and my elbow pain has not returned . The other techs have had similar results.  The chairs were expensive but since everyone can adjust them to their own comfort zone it was well worth it. Some institutions actually have people who can come into your lab and check for ergonomic problems- we did speak with someone. I'm not sure if your institution has that or not...but there are also companies that do consultations as well. If you want to speak to me about this feel free to contact me at (518) 262-6224 or e-mail me at this address.  Good luck !!!

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>>> Bruce Gapinski <> 04/25/01 02:34PM >>>
I've lost a wonderful tech to RMS in her right arm. It's her epicondyle. Now
I'm getting the same symptoms in both of my arms. What can we do? I'm trying
to stretch my arms w/ a product called the Wrist Wand, and that helps a
little. My doctor has me on Vioxx (anti-inflammatory drug). I need help, and
so does my staff! 
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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