Re: Repetitive motion syndrome

From:"Renton, Lousie, Mrs" <>

Hi Bruce,

Just out of curiosity - what workload are you/do you deal with? And 
what proportion of your day is spent cutting. I would like to pass 
this information on to my husband who is lecturing in industrial 
hygeine and has an interest in RMS and ergonomics. I have 
worked in a histolab all my career, and know opf very feew people 
with the type of problem you describe - obviously we are doing 
something differnt here.

Best regards

On 25 Apr 01, at 13:34, Bruce Gapinski wrote:

> I've lost a wonderful tech to RMS in her right arm. It's her
> epicondyle. Now I'm getting the same symptoms in both of my arms. What
> can we do? I'm trying to stretch my arms w/ a product called the Wrist
> Wand, and that helps a little. My doctor has me on Vioxx
> (anti-inflammatory drug). I need help, and so does my staff! Bruce
> Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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