Re: Rapid Processing of Prostate Bx's

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Our popcorn nuclei was the result of picking up a slide from waterbath,
then pressing it to a hotplate for more flattening of section.  This was a
heat induced artifact, and we abandoned this practice.  Went to a gentler,
lower heat for drying slides.  

We use a small fine haired brush to apply marking ink to prevent plastering
the colored stuff onto tissues like frescos from the Sistine Chapel!  It
will show up after processing. 

At 12:03 PM 4/28/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello to all: 
>Looking for some advice on our short run (2 hour processing) of prostate  
>It looks like a bubble within the nuclei and stains lighter making it very  
> These bx's are all well fixed (  
> We have tried increasing the processing time to 4 hours-more  
> Our  
>overnight run also on occasion demonstrates this. We have ruled out the  
> We use the same  
> We also have a  
>hazy or cloudy effect on these bx's even though we use the same staining  
>  Also, does anyone know of another type of colored  
> We have  
>used the Davidson(?) red, green and yellow, but find it takes to long to
> Is there something to set this like bouins  
> All help is appreciated. 
>Tina Cahak 
>Sacred Heart Hospital  
>Eau Claire, WI 
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