Re: MicroClear

Hello Cynthia:
Micro-Clear is made by Micron Enviromental industries.
There phone # is 703-250-3258 and the fax #703-250-2678.
Micro Clear come in different amounts we use the 2.5 gal size so that its not to heavy to handle.
Cat# HC 1200-1
This item doesn't dry the tissue the tissue out in processsion, its biodegradeable,  and has no bad odor.
We are able to pour this down our sink.
We have saved on hazardous waste disposal.
We use this on our tissue processor at all staions that required xylene EXCEPT on the purge cycle. We used to use it on the flush cycle with no problems but when Shanndon came out to service our equiptment we were adviced to use pure xylene on the flush cycle.
I don't know how it would work with IHC, because we do not do IHC at this time. I work in a research lab with non human primates and rodents.
Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.
Thank you
Sandi Miller HT

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