Re: Immunostainer

What do the BioGenex stainer people tell you about the minimum amount of work 
a clinical lab can do with an Optimax stainer and break even with it?

The Ventana people told me - maybe a year or two ago - that you can break 
even with 600 "billable slides" a year. (A billable slide is one you can 
charge for - excludes control slides, staining failures etc.) That's roughly 
three a working day. A 5000 case a year surgical pathology service could 
probably hit this if they chose to work up some of their lymphomas (about 60% 
of them can be worked up by a small service, according to one hematopathology 
lab I've talked with). 

What corresponding numbers are you given for the BioGenex stainer?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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