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From:Connie McManus <>

Lisa, I don't have a real high tech way of keeping track of what has
been sent out from my files, but when slides &/or blocks are removed
from their place in the filing drawer, a card is inserted in their place
with the following info:  case number and all subnumbers taken out, date
removed and place sent (if known), person requesting the blocks/slides. 
This system has helped on many occassions when a customer comes along
wanting them, insisting we have them and we can show that they are no
longer with us.  I suppose you could also enter this data in a computer
system under the case number, too.  OR, do both.

Hope this helps.

Connie McManus

Lisa Jackson wrote:
> Fellow Histonetters - I need your help!
> My department get tons of request for old cases and I need to find a way to keep better track of them [hopefully using the computer]. {We are using the Sunquest system} Currently we write everything in a send-out log. The problem comes when we are looking for a block/slide sent to another institution that has not returned our material and we have a request several months or years later for additional testing. We spend hours looking in the log to find the item when I know there is a better way.
> The info we write in the log is: date; case #; pt name; requstor; reason for sending; material sent; sent to; sent via; release signed;  return requested; item returned; date.
> I'm sure someone in histoland has a better system than I. This worked for a long time, but as our case load has increased, we can hardly keep up=2E
> Someone please share your expertise!   Thanks
> Lisa C. Jackson, BS,HT(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> St. Anthony's Medical Center
> 10010 Kennerly Rd.
> St. Louis,Mo. 63128
> 314-525-1533  fax# 314 525-4354


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