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If the air bubbles are in the mounting media then the easuiest way is to put the
bottle into an ultrasonic bath for a few minutes when all bubbles will rise to
the surface.

"Klinipath, R. Kusters" wrote:

> Dear Mr. Narvarez,
> Some coverslipping media have I high percentage of Xylene (or other
> solvents) but when this evaporates the residue is to little. The volume
> between the slide and the coverslip must be filled with this residue. If
> not, you get airbubbles pulled in.
> Another possabilaty could be that the automated machines (and we have
> experience with the Hacker Coverslipper as distributor the same instrument
> (manufactured by MEISEI) in the Netherlands and Belgium) put there Mounting
> medium under pressure to dispense it on the slide. Airbubbles stays in the
> medium under pressure eventhough you might not see these bubbles (just like
> soda drinks, these bubbles come out after opening the bottle) The new Hacker
> machine has a vacuum button to create a vacuum in the medium bottle to pull
> the airbubbles out. You could also fill the bottle before the weekend and
> let it stay for a few days to let the air get out the medium.
> Our Distributor Mercedes Medical can help you with
> our Quick Dry Mounting medium. Available in 500 and 1000 ml bottles. This
> medium will give very good results in the coverslipping machines as well as
> coverslipping by hand.
> We hope that we could help you out,
> Best regards
> Ronald Kusters
> sales executive
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>   I would like to thank everyone who responded to our e-mail. I failed to
> specify what we meant by "air bubbles". We are really suffering from
> dryback. If anyone can help, please feel free to contact us.
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