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Dear Mr. Narvarez,

Some coverslipping media have I high percentage of Xylene (or other
solvents) but when this evaporates the residue is to little. The volume
between the slide and the coverslip must be filled with this residue. If
not, you get airbubbles pulled in.

Another possabilaty could be that the automated machines (and we have
experience with the Hacker Coverslipper as distributor the same instrument
(manufactured by MEISEI) in the Netherlands and Belgium) put there Mounting
medium under pressure to dispense it on the slide. Airbubbles stays in the
medium under pressure eventhough you might not see these bubbles (just like
soda drinks, these bubbles come out after opening the bottle) The new Hacker
machine has a vacuum button to create a vacuum in the medium bottle to pull
the airbubbles out. You could also fill the bottle before the weekend and
let it stay for a few days to let the air get out the medium.

Our Distributor Mercedes Medical can help you with
our Quick Dry Mounting medium. Available in 500 and 1000 ml bottles. This
medium will give very good results in the coverslipping machines as well as
coverslipping by hand.

We hope that we could help you out,

Best regards

Ronald Kusters
sales executive
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  I would like to thank everyone who responded to our e-mail. I failed to
specify what we meant by "air bubbles". We are really suffering from
dryback. If anyone can help, please feel free to contact us.

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