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Years ago I was interested in demonstrating brain damage by exposure to an
extremely toxic reagent (trimethyl tin -NASTY stuff).  I stumbled onto
Lillie's Iron Hematoxylin for degenerating axons, and it worked perfectly
for what we were trying to demonstrate.  A Gentian Violet counterstain
really set thing off nicely.


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Hello Histonetters,

I am trying to use a varient of the Fink/Heimer degeneration technique used
by Wiitanen (1969).  It uses potassium permaganate (0.05%), oxalic
acid/hydroquinone, uranyl nitrate (5%), silver nitrate (0.3%) followed by
ammoniacal silver solution and nauta reducer.

My attempts thus far have failed.  Is there anyone who can give advice on
the wizardry of silver staining, or who has used the Wiitanen myelin
degeneration technique and has perhaps a more complete protocol than the one
in the 1969 Brain Research Paper?

Thanks very much,

Jarrett Rushmore
Boston University School of Medicine

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