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An obvious solution to part of your problem is to get an automated H&E
stainer on which you could run the deparaffinization. 

Another solution (and cheaper than getting a new machine) is to use a
pressure cooker and a solution like "Declere" (CellMarque) or "Reveal"
(BioCare Medical) which will deparaffinize, antigen retreive, and hydrate
your slides in one step, and save you probably an hour of time and the
hassle of running back and forth.

Cell Marque
Pressure cookers	protocol
Pressure cooker

Biocare Medical 
Pressure Cooker

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I have gotten a couple e-mails from some kind fellow
histotechs trying to help me out, but I'm sorry for
being so vague with my problem.  

I am running my tissues through xylene to
deparaffinize (three dips at ten minutes each) and
alcohol to rehydrate (three dips at 4 minutes each),
and it takes a long time (that's almost 45 minutes,
and I can't get other lab work done because I am
always walking back and forth to change these slides).
 Then I have to deal with this microwave, where I am
having to monitor it to prevent boiling up and I am
getting so-so results with the staining.  My main
concern is with all the time it's taking to do this
pretreatment.  I have talked to some other labs who
have used various methods (different heat sources) and
they seem to be getting it done faster.  So my main
problem isn't just thte results, but the time it is
taking me to do this pretreatment.  We have a small
staff here and need to get the best time efficiency
out of our staining.  Since the incubation and link
and label protocols are all pretty similar, I was just
asking for some suggestions as to time-saving tips
during pretreatment.  Any suggestions would be most
appreciated!  Thanks.


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