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 We also have some problems with embedders having RMS. Changing the type of forceps you are using may help..they even have reverse action forceps out there...

Albany Medical Center
Albany, NY

>>> Bruce Gapinski <> 04/26/01 09:57AM >>>
	I'm not so sure it's cutting that is doing it. I get lots of pain
while embedding too. I used to do all the embedding. That takes about 4 - 6
hrs. We get 200-300 blocks/day. I spend 3-4 hrs/day cutting now. I'm
surprised to hear you know of very few people w/ this RMS. I find it more
than coincidental that 2 workers in our lab have severe elbow pain. The
statistic I find more interesting is the fact that I've been doing this for
25 years. The other disabled worker had been working for 15 + years too. I
wonder if keeping our elbows static for so long could have anything to do
with it. Also (I know this sounds wild) but what about wax absorption? What
studies have been done about the effects of paraffin. I never wore gloves
Thanks for your interest, please keep me informed. 

Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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		Hi Bruce,

		Just out of curiosity - what workload are you/do you deal
with? And 
		what proportion of your day is spent cutting. I would like
to pass 
		this information on to my husband who is lecturing in
		hygeine and has an interest in RMS and ergonomics. I have 
		worked in a histolab all my career, and know opf very feew
		with the type of problem you describe - obviously we are
		something differnt here.

		Best regards

		On 25 Apr 01, at 13:34, Bruce Gapinski wrote:

		> I've lost a wonderful tech to RMS in her right arm. It's
		> epicondyle. Now I'm getting the same symptoms in both of
my arms. What
		> can we do? I'm trying to stretch my arms w/ a product
called the Wrist
		> Wand, and that helps a little. My doctor has me on Vioxx
		> (anti-inflammatory drug). I need help, and so does my
staff! Bruce
		> Gapinski HT(ASCP)


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