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Hi Bruce,

I have both medial and lateral epicondylitis and know just what you're going
through!  The first thing you should consider is getting automated
microtomes.  Also, when you're cutting, take frequent 10 minute breaks and
do something else.  I had a brace made for my arm that I would wear at night
to keep it pretty much immobile and that helped quite a bit.  I would also
ice elbows (for 10 minutes) if they started to hurt.  Don't try to do the
stretching exercises until your arm is feeling better; it will only cause
more inflammation.  Once the inflammation and pain are gone, do some light
stretching activities daily.  (I can fax you some that work well for me).
The biggest thing, once the pain is gone, is to pay attention to it.  If you
start to get ANY pain, stop whatever you are doing and rest your arm (do
something else that doesn't require that motion.

Remember, once you have it, you are never 'cured'.  The best thing is to get
the automated microtomes if you can and avoid the problem.

Cheryl George, HT (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
Elliot Hospital Laboratory

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> Subject: 	Repetitive motion syndrome
> I've lost a wonderful tech to RMS in her right arm. It's her epicondyle.
> Now
> I'm getting the same symptoms in both of my arms. What can we do? I'm
> trying
> to stretch my arms w/ a product called the Wrist Wand, and that helps a
> little. My doctor has me on Vioxx (anti-inflammatory drug). I need help,
> and
> so does my staff! 
> Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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