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Hi Cyrla.
I find that perfused rat brain always processes better, but it's a laborious
task so it rarely happens here in our lab.  I fix whole unperfused brain,
both rat and mouse, for 2 days, then I come in to gross them at 4mm
thickness and let the tissue fix for another 5 days, for a total of a week
of 10% formalin fixation.  I find that better fixation provides better
I also have a TP1050, and my processing shedule is quite long - 2 hours per
station: 70%, 80%, 95%x2, 100%x2 reagent alcohol, 3xPropar, 3xparaffin 57
And turning down the temp on the water bath helps a lot.
I hope this is useful.

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>Hello, All
>I wonder if any of you have a protocol that you wouldn't mind sharing for
>auto-processing rat CNS tissue for paraffin embedding.  I am a novice at
>working with paraffin,using a Leica TP1050 and so far I have not found the
>right combination of steps to prevent the tissue from overly expanding and
>separating from the paraffin in the water bath.
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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